Home sweet home

Rain in England for us to come home too.... we had a great tour and can't wait to get back to Italy this summer!


Chris arty shot at the radio!

Blurred in other words!


 Carbonara Pie
 San Felice 
 Scott's food
 Chris's Food


Stephano on Guitar

Dressing Room Hang

Rising Love Rome

Barbara & Manuela

Great Local Singers in Rome...

If you want pizza in Rome go to Remo

These guys have been cooking pizza here for fifty years and it's flipping good, the place is famous so just ask and you'll find it.

The Terracina Muscado

Highly recommended!

Italian adventures

Bean stew cooked by tour manager Lecizio's...

Amazing taste.. Eaten with a lot of bread.. Amazing Soul Food!

Tiberrina Island Rome


Soundcheck Roma!

Scotty & Ted posing!

Gig poster

Italian roast beef rocks!!

Italy 2012

Hanging out with Danilo great roman saxman!

Italy 2012

A great dinner cooked by Geoff and shared with our Italian friends lecizio and valentina,

Chris and Scott at Eco radio Rome

Had a day of radio interviews and stuff,

Looking forward to roast beef cooked by Geoff

After a few days of fantastic Italian food Geoff is in the kitchen cooking up a roast dinner for every one. Yesss mate

Italy tour

The drums of Italy


We are having a great tour of Italy!