The Baker Brothers have been rocking dance floors far and wide with their huge entertaining live show for over 10 years now. With 9 albums and numerous other releases under their collective belt the band have toured Japan and Europe extensively delivering an explosive, killer funk show!

They recently sold out Soho legendary Ronnie Scotts and have supported legends such as Sly and The Family Stone, Jools Holland and John Schofield. Their infectious, Raw Beats and Bass Lines underpin edgy Melodic Horns and Funky Guitars. Over their consistently prolific career so far they have gained critical acclaim by the likes of Mr Scruff, DJ Muro, Keb Darge, Florian Keller and  ?uestlove. They have worked with guests such as Average White BandԳ Hamish Stewart, Vanessa Freeman of Reel People and UK percussion legend Snowboy.

Currently the band is working on a follow up to the acclaimed 2011 release, “Time To Testify” which received rave reviews all over the world.  Having spent most of 2012 touring europe, the guys are excited to be back in the studio working on the new album, due out in 2013.

The Band consists of the following full-time members:

Chris Pedley- Bass, Guitar and Vocals
Co-Founder band member, Chris carries most of the Baker Brothers production duties in the studio and has been a major driving force in the band from day 1. Plays a 1973 fender p-bass through an early 70s fender baseman. He also remixes under the name 'Pedders' 

Paul Young - Tenor Saxophone
Paul is the Baker Brothers' secret weapon of Jazz destruction. Over the last 30 years he has toured the world extensively playing sax and encompasses the ъazzѠrock ӮӠroll dream. The Baker Brothers rely on Paul to steer conversation towards more lofty and weighty topics, such as football, world history, politics, environmental sciences. 

Geoff Lai - Guitar
Geoff plays guitar, bass and sings in The Baker Brothers. Geoff, along with Barney, has stepped into the sizeable shoes left behind by the awesome Dan Baker. He has a very intuitive, bluesy, raw style, which truly complements the edgy Baker Brothers sound. Since recording Time to Testify, Geoff now carries most of the vocal duties.

Ted Carrasco - Drums and Vocals
Ted is the most recent addition to The Baker Brothers family (since Rich Bakers recent departure due to family commitments). Drafted to follow in the footsteps of the founding band member, he really had big boots to fill. However he rose to the challenge, smashing the recording of the BBs first original album in 4 years. His style is all groove and he has brought a fresh new edge to the bands sound!

Scotty Baylis - Trumpet and Keyboards
Scotty another recent addition to the band, comes with an extremely high pedigree: Educated at Berklee , Scott has toured and played with many artists and his proudest moment was playing in-between Maceo Parker and Prince needless to say he buried them both.